Earlier internship at Sweco Management in Stockholm, 2011. inscrit sur

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Je cherche stage! Creative, responsible and dynamic young person seeking internships or stages within construction management and architecture! Finished studies in civil engineering with a MSc in Project Management. I speak Swedish, English, Arabic and French. Location is no problem, i'm flexible.

Métier préparé

Earlier internship at Sweco Management in Stockholm, 2011.

Etudes suivies

5 e année

Ecole : Chalmers University of Technology

412 58 Göteborg se

Période du stage

durée : 3 month - 1 year

de : 2012-03-22 à : 2013-03-22

Extrait du cv

Chalmers University of Technology
2006-2012, Göteborg
Bachelor’s degree: Civil engineering, 2006-2009
MSc: Design and Construction Project Management, 2009-2012

Project Manager, SWECO Management
Summer 2011, Stockholm
The internship gave me insight in the project manager’s work, how to in- teract, communicate and coordinate with people from different disciplines and outside the technical branch, and the understanding of planning and managing complex projects.


Extrait de la lettre d'accompagnement

I am 23 years old and in January 2012 I finished my studies at the civil engineer program at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. I have an MSc degree in Design and Construction Project Management, an interesting and developing master’s program that have given me a clearer perspective of the industry and my future work. My master’s thesis was written in collaboration with Plantagon International AB and managed the issue of how to integrate Urban Industrial Vertical Agricult...